Jason Kelley

Worship Director

I have lived in The Colony, TX literally all my life.  I have a big heart for this community.  My wife and I met in kindergarten, married in college, and are wonderfully blessed to have six biological children and one “adopted” child.  

I went to West Texas A&M for a Bachelors in Music Therapy.  I have a heart for helping people pursue and praise God through good times and bad.  My mantra is “rejoice louder than the pain.”  I do this by leading our church family in singing praise to God during our worship services.  I like to implement the full band, choir, brass team, adults, youth, and children.  There is so much talent in our church, and I want to use all of it to praise the Lord.  I also enjoy writing and teaching original songs to our church.  My favorite moments are when I can hear the whole church making a joyful noise unto the Lord.

I have had the privilege of leading a non-profit who helps homeless and addicted for eight years.  Currently, I work as a counselor with another non-profit who offers Christian counseling to everyone for whatever donation they can make.

I love seeing the power of God in action.  My aim is to continue to point people towards God by leading, teaching, serving, evangelizing, and counseling.  No matter what situation they’re in, no matter how much they’ve messed up, no matter how far they’ve gone, I want people to know the hope we have in the Savior, Jesus Christ.  I want to see revival happen in our local communities, and beyond.

Please join us for a Sunday service, Wednesday night bible study, or any of the other ways to get involved.  We’d love for you to be part of our family.  Let’s pursue God together.  

And by all means, if you are interested in singing or playing an instrument for the Lord, please contact me.  I’d love to see you using your gift to glorify our God.

Ron Ferrante

Pastor of Small Group Ministries

I was born and raised Catholic in upstate New York. After graduating from college, I spent 8 years in the U.S. Navy and later began my corporate career with NCR Corp. After spending many years in the corporate arena and then in my personal financial business, I accepted God's personal invitation to have Jesus as the owner of my life. We then joined a small Southern Baptist Church in So. California where I was baptized. I then became active serving in various areas of ministry. I was later appointed to leadership positions as Finance and Sunday School Chairman. After several years of service, I was ordained in November, 1992. We later joined Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA in 1996, where we were active in Small Groups, teaching various Bible studies, and Small Group training courses & seminars.

My ministry began in 2001, when I was called to lead the Senior Ministry at Saddleback Church. God blessed the ministry and it grew in 8 years from 400 to over 2500 members including over 59 Home Small Groups. After 14 years, at Saddleback, We re-located to Texas in 2010 and became active with First Baptist Church, The Colony, I later surrendered to God's call as Elder / Pastor of Small Group Ministries in order to establish Home Bible Study Groups and other needed ministries within the church.

Working directly with our Lead Pastor, the value of home groups was recognized as a way of building up the church Saints and reaching others for Christ. As the former Pastor of the Senior Ministry at Saddleback Church, I use the principles and benefits I learned, of Home Small Groups, to establish and build the Small Group Ministry.

I enjoy sports, reading, cooking and testing new special meals & deserts, and studying the Bible/prophecy. My beautiful wife, Sharon and I have been blessed with six grown children, twelve grandchildren and nine great grandchildren spread from Ohio, California, and Texas.

Kecia McCright


Donna Reneau


About Us


At FBC The Colony, we believe in the importance of doctrine based on God's divine revelation of Himself through Scripture. Here we have summarized our core beliefs and believe that the following statement of faith accurately represents the teaching of God's Word, and therefore, is affirmed by all members of FBC The Colony.

Our Mission

Building believers who reach others for Christ.