LIFEHOUSE Ministry   

Sanctity of Life and human trafficking

We help those with unexpected pregnancies and increase awareness concerning human trafficking.

LifeHouse Exist to:

To give you practical help and personal support relating to your pregnancy. Our passions and what we do:

  • Assisting women and young couples when they have an unplanned pregnancy by providing resources and support.
  • Bringing awareness to the youth at our church that life begins at conception and giving them resources to distribute to pregnant friends
  • Visiting abortion clinics, distributing our information, talking with patients and praying with them.
  • Providing local schools with information that can help schools better deal with unexpected pregnancies in students.
  • Counsel with those who have had an abortion or who know someone who has aborted a child.
  • Inform those around us about legislation related to sanctity of life issues.

Our team is made up of a wide range of women and men from all backgrounds, ages, and experiences. We respect your confidentiality and personal situation– we want to be a friend. You will receive no condemnation from us, only help and support.

    Building believers who reach others for Christ.

Recommended Resources

Free Sonograms
Pregnancy testing and sonograms at no charge

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center

Free Maternity and Baby Supplies

Advocacy and Pregnancy Center , Lewisville


Maternity Home and Adoption Center
Gladney Center for Adoption
1-800-GLADNEY (452-3639)

Pregnancy Options
Text "HELPLINE" to 313131 or call 800.712.HELP

Buckner Foster Care and Adoption Services
Counseling provided to birth mothers to decide on an adoption plan.
214.328.3141 or 866.236.7823 (toll free)

Additional Resources   


A free Pregnancy Resource Center in Frisco
Call 214.618.9352          Text 214.476.6253

Peaceful Pathway Counseling Center

Out of concern for those who need help but may not be able to afford the standard fees for counseling, the center offers a whatever you can afford policy

Contact the Church Office