At First Baptist Church, we call our small groups Community Groups because this is where community really happens.  Classes meet on Sunday mornings at the church at 9am in various rooms. There are various classes to choose from for this Bible Study time.

We believe that Community Groups are the key:

  • To finding your place in our fellowship
  • To personal spiritual growth, and ultimately 
  • To reaching out to the world around you with the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Whether it’s a class that meets in a traditional 'Sunday school' setting before or after worship, or a home Bible study meeting during the week, Community Groups are a perfect place to find new friends, explore the practical truth of God’s Word, and work together with others in real, life-changing ministry.

Community Groups are a strategic part of fulfilling our mission: “Building believers who reach others for Christ.”

Community Groups Meet Each Sunday at 9am

What group would you like more INFORMATION about?


Babies & Crawlers
Toddlers to Twos
Twos & Threes

All children currently meet in "The Lighthouse Room" near the Preschool Entrance and then they meet by various grades in classrooms located in our Children's Ministry Area upstairs.

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

All youth first meet together in The Harbor and then divide up accordingly.

6th, 7th & 8th Grade

9th & 10th Grade
11th & 12th Grade


Feel free to visit each class and then decide where you would like to attend. The classes are not divided by ages and are available for Young Adults through Senior Adults. All classes currently are teaching the same Bible Study curriculum.

Drew Harmon, Room 137

Ray Medley, Room 131

Steven Vander Velde, Room 133

Jason Kelley, Room 136

Women's Class Only: Vicki Kelley, Room 135

Wally Leyerle, Room 154 & Online

Our Mission

Building believers who reach others for Christ.