Vacation Bible School 2019


Into The Wild - Amazing Encounters With Jesus - John 20:31

Vacation Bible School
June 10-14, 2019

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

New friends <> Amazing experiments
Wild games <> Lip-smacking snacks
Surprising Encounters <> Incredible music

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We Need Volunteers

We are excited about this year’s Vacation Bible School and look forward to working with all who feel called to serve God in this mission. Please read and consider what 'to think about' below and check out the Service Area Descriptions below.

Pray about where God would have you serve, then sign up to volunteer. The deadline to sign up to be a volunteer is May 19, 2019. 



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 To Think About:

  • Vacation Bible School is mission designed to reach our community as appointed to us in Matthew 28.
  • Prayerfully consider the areas in which your talents would best be utilized.
  • All placements will be what is most appropriate for this ministry as a whole.
  • Volunteering to serve in VBS is a commitment to support our church body as we "Build Believers Who Reach Others For Christ."

Service Area Descriptions

  1. Teachers: Prepare Bible lessons through study of scripture and guidelines within curriculum and along with activities which support a primary Biblical principle.
  2. Missions: Teach the children about the missionaries we will be supporting both in prayer and with our money. Help them to understand that our response to Jesus is going out to share the Gospel.
  3. Registration: Use your abilities to organize and account for every child, youth and adult involved in VBS. Help during registration to be sure every child finds his or her place on time.
  4. *Publicity: Use your talents in sales and marketing to promote this year’s VBS and to contact area merchants to donate coupons and prizes.
  5. *Decorations: Use your artistic and creative talents to decorate various areas that will be used during VBS. (This work is accomplished during the daytime, in the evenings prior to VBS)
  6. Music: Use your musical talents to lead the children in worship and teach both words and choreography.
  7. Crafts: Use your creativity and patience to help children make projects that will support both missions and our Biblical principle.
  8. Recreation: Use your energy and physical abilities to lead the children in outdoor games and play that will reinforce the gospel lesson each day and ensure that everyone has a good time.
  9. Children Snack Food: Use your culinary expertise to prepare and serve delicious nourishing snacks for the children to enjoy every evening.
  10. AV Support: Authorized by VBS Director – technical assistance will be needed during the opening rally and for “Friday Finally”
  11. Security Team: Be there throughout the evening ensuring safety for our guests by monitoring entrances to the building and various other activities as deemed necessary.
  12. *Follow up Team: Assist Director with the implementation of the “Family Celebration.” You will also coordinate with the Education Pastor for visitation of prospects, sending mail outs, and making calls to follow up with prospects who visited during VBS week.
  13. Guide/Crew Member: Be there throughout the day, escorting children from place to place, ensuring their safety, and helping them with crafts and activities. This is the best opportunity for working with children on-on-one.
  14. Hospitality/Refreshments: Use your hospitality skills throughout the evening to provide a welcoming environment and prepare/serve refreshments for those attending the adult classes.
  15. *Prayer Ministry:  Use your time to raise up the ministry, those helping and those attending to The Lord through prayer.

*Indicates volunteer positions either before or after VBS week.