9:00AM: Community Groups (all ages)
 9:00AM: Spanish Ministry Community Groups (all ages)
10:30AM: Worship Service 
10:30AM: FBC The Colony Español(Spanish Ministry Worship in The Harbor)
10:30AM: Korean Worship Service (Rm. 130)


5:30PM: Youth LIFE Band Practice


 9:00AM: Cornerstone Kids Preschool
 5:30PM: FBC Night @ Chik-fil-a


6:30PM: Adult Choir Practice (Choir Room)
7:00PM: LIFE - Youth Worship & Bible Study in The Harbor (6th - 12 grade)
             Mission Friends for those potty trained to 4 years old (Rm. 107)
             Royal Ambasadors (RAs) for boys, 1st-5th Grade (Rm. 218/219)
             Girls in Action (GAs) for girls, 1st-5th Grade (Rm. 215/216)
             Spanish Ministry Prayer Time (Rm. 154)
7:15PM: Pastor's Bible Study (Church Foyer)

9:00AM: Cornerstone Kids Preshool
7:00PM: Praise Team Rehersal (Sanctuary)
7:00PM: The Anchor - College/Career & Young Adult Bible Study (The Davis Home: 6212 Durango, The Colony)