Community Groups

At First Baptist Church, we call our small groups Community Groups because this is where community really happens.  We believe that Community Groups are the key:

  • To finding your place in our fellowship
  • To personal spiritual growth, and ultimately 
  • To reaching out to the world around you with the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Whether it’s a class that meets in a traditional 'sunday school' setting before or after worship, or a home Bible study meeting during the week, Community Groups are a perfect place to find new friends, explore the practical truth of God’s Word, and work together with others in real, life-changing ministry.

Community Groups are a strategic part of fulfilling our mission: “Building believers who reach others for Christ.”

If you have questions or would like to connect with a Community Group, please send an e-mail to Pastor Wally Leyerle.


9:00 AM hour

Babies & Crawlers
Toddlers to Twos
Twos & Threes

1st Grade

2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

6th Grade
7th & 8th Grades
9th & 10th Grades
11th & 12th Grades

College/Career & Young Adults
20 Something Couples
30 Something Couples
Women 30s +
40 Something Couples
Women 40s +
50s +
50 Something Couples
60 Something Couples
Hispanic ministry younger adults
Hispanic ministry older adults

10:30 AM hour

Babies & Crawlers
Toddlers to Twos
Twos & Threes

Community Group Contact Report