First Baptist Church of The Colony was born in the heart of Dr. Gerald Williamson, Director of Missions for the Denton Baptist Association, in 1973 after learning of the purchase of 3,000 acres of farmland by Fox and Jacobs, a residential home builder. This land was to be used to build a new housing development in South Denton County near the settlement of Eastvale. Rev. Gilbert Calloway, pastor of FBC of Lewisville, Dr. Williamson, and the Denton Baptist Association negotiated the purchase of the five acres where FBC of The Colony now sits.


Residents of The Colony began to move into their homes in October 1974. FBC held its first Sunday service on August 17, 1975. This service was held in Fire Station #1 of The Colony Volunteer Fire Department and followed a week in which a Backyard Bible Club was conducted. Worship services were led by Dr. Williamson and Jimmie Naugher, moderator of Denton Baptist Association, until November when Pastor Naugher accepted the position of Interim Pastor. Under Dr. Williamson's leadership the new mission grew to an average attendance of twenty.

On January 1, 1976, Dr. William C. Tinsley began as the first full-time pastor. On this date membership was seven. The mission experienced steady and rapid growth throughout 1976. An average of 6.5 persons united with the mission each month, 20% of those joined by baptism.

During the first three months of 1976, all meetings and services except for Sunday morning worship were held in the homes of members. The Sunday morning services were held in the Fire Station. In April, a mobile chapel was made available by the Denton Baptist Association and set up on Fox and Jacobs property near where the existing Post Office is located. With the installation of the trailer, all services and meetings except for Sunday morning worship were moved to it. Sunday morning worship services continued in the Fire Station.

On September 2, 1976 ground was broken for the first building. The population of The Colony at that time was about 4,600. The building was constructed largely with the use of volunteer labor of the congregation under the supervision of Mission Builder, Bill Walters. The building was completed in December 1976. Total cost of construction was about $82,000 for the 6,200 square foot building. Early in 1978, a two-story education building was begun. It was completed in October of that year and was built for approximately $200,000. It was designed to hold 400 in Sunday School.

With an expanding community and a growing congregation, a Mother's Day Out Ministry was begun in August 1976. A one-day program was offered on Thursdays with 21 children being enrolled. This ministry has continued to grow and today is one of the largest, most respected programs in the area.

In August 1989, church membership reached 581, and a new building program was started. Our present auditorium, which seats between 450 and 500, was dedicated in September 1990.

Easter 2009 was Dr. Mark L. Richardson's first Sunday as the church's new Lead Pastor. With a vision for the Great Commission and a passion for the exposition of God's Word, we have seen God's abundant blessings. Within about three and a half years we have seen a record amount of giving to the budget in one year (2010), a 1.5 million dollar building/renovation project (2011), a record amount of church members participating in mission trips (74 members to 7 countries at a cost of $122,000), and the adoption of new governing documents (2012). The new governing documents were written by the pastors/elders and they reflect the Biblical model for church leadership: recognizing and releasing pastors/elders to lead the body, while at the same time recognizing that the congregation retains the final word on major decisions as it gathers under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His Word.

These changes have not come without difficulties. Reforming the church to be in conformity to God's Word and the Great Commission is never easy. We continue to seek God and His Word for strength, wisdom, and the courage to be God's church God's way in the power of the Holy Spirit.